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Project Sahyog: Why is it important?

Riddhi Verma, UG 22

This is the first of a two-part series that profiles humanitarian initiatives taken up by Ashokans in the pandemic that seek your support.

During this time of great uncertainty, as we sit in the comfort of our homes, there are around 8 crore migrant workers in need of help, left helpless by inadequate aid provided to them. They are stranded on unsafe highways and streets, hoping to return to their homes. For months now, we’ve been on the receiving end of news about their condition. Providing them with immediate aid has become the need of the hour. Many organisations have risen to the occasion and come together to help these workers. Enactus Ashoka has collaborated with other Enactus organizations and the Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) to raise 90 lakhs for these migrant labourers affected by the pandemic. Their project is called Sahyog and stands for support, solidarity, and humanity.

Many of us have voiced our concern for issues like the Black Lives Matter movement in the west, and even contributed funds to help encourage the movement. However, when it comes to our own problems here at home, on the very highways through which we travelled to Jahangirpuri almost every weekend, we turn a blind eye. The Enactus team hopes to encourage all members of the Ashokan community to come together and contribute all they can to help those who are truly in need during this difficult time. Enactus is aiming to help raise at least 1 lakh to contribute to the DEF, and if every club on campus contributes even a minimum of Rs. 2500 to this, it would be a major contribution.

There are over 10,000 Digital Foot Soldiers (DFS) attached with Digital Empowerment Foundation, who are equipped with digital and media literacy tools. They are working relentlessly across 25 states to provide immediate relief by helping migrant workers track their routes home and connecting them with transport facilities. They are preparing meals for these workers and ensuring safe movement by equipping them with basic kits, face masks, and sanitizers. A contribution of just Rs. 3000 could help cover a DFS’ basic expenses for an entire month. This includes- internet data, local travel, disposable personal safeguards and laptops which can help them reach out to over 300 affected individuals and 60 vulnerable households amongst marginalized rural communities.

As we go forward during this tough time, we need to understand how even a little bit can go a long way in helping someone gravely in need. These are the very people who build our roads, homes, and cities, and it is time we give them our due respect and humanity. Please donate as generously as you can on this link.

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