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The Editorial Board

Meet the Managing Board, Department Editors and Logistical Coordinators for the Academic Year 2023-24

The Managing Board

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Geetanjali Roy


Previously an Arts and Culture staff writer, Geetanjali enjoys writing long-form articles about the interpersonal elements of campus life. Her academic and journalistic interests lie in gender, queerness, spatiality and aesthetic politics.




Rutu is a fourth year Philosophy major, with interests in critical media studies, security studies and film-making. They served as the previous year's Opinions editor.

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Mohan Rajagopal

Managing Editor

Mohan is a third-year Economics student, minoring in Sociology and Anthropology. His interests in journalism span a variety ranging from campus culture, lifestyle, and entertainment, to using data to draw out socio-political narratives and stories.

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Vidhi Bhutra

Managing Editor

Vidhi is majoring in Political Science with a minor in Media Studies. She wants to write on Indian politics, socio-political issues through the lenses of caste and gender, student activism, protest movements, and the relationship of cinema with state propaganda.

The Department Editors

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Diya Mahesh

Arts and Culture

Diya is an English and Media Studies major interested in lifestyle journalism. When not writing, she enjoys watching lots of movies and TV shows.

sukriti - Sukriti Chawla.jpg


Arts and Culture

Sukriti reads and writes about everything ranging from films, strange creatures, and the ways in which we exist beside and relate to one another. They are interested in exploring themes of queer disabled care work, affect, and community. (Mostly, though, they are tired/distracted and spend time belabouring spreadsheets, Letterboxd, Spotify, etc.)

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Keerthana Panchanathan


Keerthana is a sophomore Economics major, with a passion for literature, politics, writing, and music. She is extensively familiar with news writing and reporting and has served in an editorial capacity in high school as well as university.

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Raghav Bansal


Raghav is an Economics major, with a passion for Political Science and journalism. His reporting has focused on campus concerns such as resource constraints, TFs' issues, and CASH documents. With a desire to create a more aware student body, he works towards encouraging interactions between the administration and students.

IMG_7838 - Aneesh Sriram.jpeg

Aneesh Sriram

Politics Newsdesk

Aneesh is a History major interested in pursuing archaeology. He has previously worked in the Politics Newsdesk as a staff writer. He believes The Edict will have a significant role to play in Ashokan student politics and the university community as a whole in the upcoming year.

EB6A0B39-4A4C-4E06-B2D1-DB181988B9EF - Jyotsna Sidharth.jpeg

Jyotsna Sidharth

Politics Newsdesk

Jyotsna stumbled on The Edict entirely by chance but has now made it her entire personality. She finds the controversy…or creates it herself…and writes about it.

IMG-20230513-WA0016 - Samhith Shankar.jpg

Samhith Shankar


Samhith has been a writer and sub-editor for The Edict's Sports Department since Spring 2022, but he's been an avid sports fan since before he can remember. He never shies away from getting completely obsessed with a new sport, which often comes at the expense of studying and/or a healthy sleep schedule.

Edict - Vishnu Prakash.jpg

Vishnu Prakash


Vishnu is an avid consumer and opinion-haver of all things sports, and he lets that passion guide all that he writes. He is an English and Political Science student with an interest in the media and has worked with organisations like Sportstar, The Hindu, and Frontline Magazine. He was previously the Editor of the Politics Newsdesk at The Edict. Now, in his third year, he wants to have fun and write about that which is dearest to him.

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Divya Ravindranath


Divya is a third-year Philosophy, Politics and Economics major and a passionate opinions haver - most of which revolve around North India and food.

IMG_8983 - Siddharth Dasgupta.jpeg

Siddharth Dasgupta


Siddharth’s interests lie in satire, visual storytelling, writing, research, and self-inflicted katora cuts.


Ananya Bathla


Ananya Bathla is the co-head of Multimedia for AY 2023-24.

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Vernika Mrig


Vernika has been part of The Edict for the last three years as an illustrator. Now taking up the position of co-head of the Multimedia department, she hopes to inculcate other forms of illustrations, videography & photography to contribute to The Edict!

Logistical Coordinators

IMG_3011 - Tanya Mahajan.jpeg

Tanya Mahajan


Tanya is a third-year Economics and Finance major. She has a keen interest in finance and marketing. She is passionate about meeting new people and exploring new fields of study.

IMG_20230416_002718_838 - Arundati Menon.jpg

Arundati Menon

Internal Finances

Arundati is a third year student with a long-term relationship with journalism. Along with starting a student magazine in high school, she has written articles published in other magazines. The Edict for her is an important institution in her journey in this university. She hopes to further The Edict's advancement in this new phase.

profile - Roshni Agarwal.jpg

Roshni Agarwal

Internal Finances

Roshni is a second-year student of Economics and Computer Science. Her interest lies in all things numbers, and she is here to figure out the budgeting required for the organisation.

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